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When looking at a map of Scotland, the regions which you hear the most about for whisky are down towards the southwest corner, or the northeast corner of the mainland. These make up the famous whiskies of Islay, Campbeltown and Speyside. The distilleries of the Highlands and Lowlands are pretty much scattered where you would expect. The sub-region which is often overlooked are the ‘island’ malts, which are obviously found on the islands not covered in the major appellations. Way up off the north coast are the Shetland and Orkney Islands. The Orkney Islands are actually home to two distilleries, including one of the most famous of them all; Highland Park. Scapa is the other one, and arguably one of the biggest sleepers in all of Scotland. When people come to the shop and ask me what my favorite distilleries in Scotland are, especially for daily drinking, I always answer with Springbank and Scapa. Scapa is arguably one of the most elegant whiskies in Scotland. More delicate, with an almost briny aspect coming from the salt air, and a fruity note of dried apricots and apples, which is extremely attractive. This is normally un-peated whisky, but that is where this bottling comes in. As the rocky shores of the islands are not the best areas for peat, Scapa typically isn’t peated. However, in this case, casks which formerly held peated whisky, (probably from Islay), were used to finish this after its initial aging in American oak. Take the classic elegant Scapa and add just a touch of smoke. Kind of like adding baked apples from a woodfired oven to your apple pie.

This limited production whisky is now going to only be available at duty free stores, so we bought the last of it at a great price. How does 30% off sound? When these bottles are gone, they are not coming back, so grab it while you can.

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