Chilean Wines

The wine heritage of this produce rich land goes back for decades. Long the source for value driven Cabernet and Merlot, it is also famous for being the spot that saved Carmenere, the ‘lost 6th varietal of Bordeaux’. Spicy with a notes of bell pepper and roasted herbs, Carmenere is a great alternative to Malbec or Merlot when planning a meal. Also look for Pinot Noir grown in the higher elevations. In this terrain, it picks up notes not unlike the fine examples of this grape when found in New Zealand. Sauvignon Blanc is another grape that picks up some ‘Kiwi’ traits when grown here and can provide some fantastic values as well.

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Huaso de Sauzal Valle del Maule Cariñena 2015
Bodegas El Viejo Almacén de Sauzal
Huaso de Sauzal Valle del Maule Cariñena 2015

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