George Dickel

George Dickel Leopold Bros Collaboration Blend

Dickel - American Whiskey - Tennessee

750ml (50% ABV)

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If you are into rare American whiskey, then you already know about this one and are chomping at the bit. If you are not familiar with this, then here it is in a nutshell. ‘Single barrel’ offerings from the big guns of the whiskey world are the rarest of the rare. Bottled directly from the cask, you basically get whatever quantity the barrel provides and that is it. Normally, 300 bottles is about all one can expect from these ultra limited bottlings. If you are familiar with the craze over Blanton’s, you know how nutty the demand for these can get. Hold on to your Tennessee walking horses, as one of the big guns has just arrived. George Dickel is on a tear as of late. Their ultra premium ‘Bottled in Bond’ has amassed back to back ‘95’ point scores and a ‘Whisky of the year’ award. This is the step up from that one. Those were 13 and 11 year old blends, this is a 15 year old single barrel. Unlike Blanton, the barrel number is not noted on these, just the hand written number of the bottle and the proof of the spirit. The batch which we just got is 42.2%ABV, which is right in the wheelhouse for most whiskey drinkers. Cask strength, but not too hot.
This one has not been reviewed yet by the big press, but the advance buzz on it has been pretty remarkable. Get in on the ground floor, before the frenzy starts. This is a stunning value and an incredible example of American whisky at its finest, and rarest.

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