The Dublin Liberties

The Dublin Liberties Keeper's Coin 16 year old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Dublin Liberties Distillery - Irish Whiskey - Ireland

750ml (465% ABV)


The Dublin Liberties range is inspired by the stories and the streets of the Dublin Liberties distillery.
This range allows us to establish a clear connection to the city and weave a common story, threading the range together, giving us something ownable and unique in Irish whiskey, rooted in our corner stone on Mill Street, the Dublin Liberties Distillery.
In the 1600’s under Christ church cathedral, there were a series of crypts that were used as illicit drinking dens.

The Cellar Keepers each had their own coins and casks – which is where the name Keepers Coin derives from.

Very recently, excavations under Christ Church Cathedral have unearthed a purse full of silver coins and a number of leather bottles still containing alcohol.

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