Shipping Schedule July 2019

We are shipping on a semi-regular schedule right now due to hot temps across the country.  This will certainly impact and most likely delay orders going across the US.  We appreciate your patience, rest assured we are working quickly to get these orders to you as soon as temps are safe.  Even though Temperatures may be mild in your area, often the tranist path of the trucks isn't.  All our cross country transit shipments are carried in refridgerated trucks before being handed off to local carriers.

For orders being shipped to:

Washington State

We are shipping daily, Monday thru Friday

For orders being shipped to:







We are shipping daily in most cases.


For orders being shipped to:

all other states

We are shipping as quickly as possible.  Orders are taking 3-4 weeks to arrive.  Thank for your patience.



Please contact us directly with inquires, 360-293-6500