64 Reykjavik Distillery

64 Reykjavik Katla Vodka 700ml

64 Reykjavik - Grain - Iceland

700ml (40% ABV)


Katla shares its name with one of Iceland’s largest volcanoes and it’s the same energy that fires the mighty volcano Katla that fires the distillery. This renewable geothermal energy powers the artisan still that the vodka passes through on its way to perfection. Rather than a prescribed number of distillations, Katla is distilled as many times as it takes to achieve the desired purity. Within this process, this clash of nature and copper, Katla gathers its flavor. Rich, smooth and distinct, the vodka has so pleasant flavor it’s even a mystery to most distillers.

The mildly spiced
palate shows savory echoes of black pepper, coriander and caraway, while the brisk finish warms all
the way down. Named after Katla, “the mother of all
Icelandic volcanoes.”

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