Welcome to the world of wine clubs


We have several different clubs for all your hassle free wine buying. We will select your wines and either ship them to you, put them in your locker, or have them ready for pickup at the store. And best of all, by being a club member, all featured wines come to you at a minimum of 10% off our everyday price.

New Washington ‘Hot List’ Wine Club

Our new Washington ‘hot list’ wine club will provide the lucky recipient with two bottles of wine per month, of the newest, hottest and tiniest production wines in the state. We are lucky to be in a position to taste and actually have the opportunity to buy many of the ultra limited production wines made out there that often are only available at the winery (or through us). In many cases, we are talking about production levels in the range of less than 50 cases total. The price will vary each month, with the average bottle being in the $30-$40 range, and always discounted well below our usual price. If you want the newest and the hottest properties, and those hyper limited production wines that others just dream about, then this club is for you.

To sign up, click here to send us an email. 


Washington Wine of the Month Club

One bottle, or one each of Washington State red and white wine per month, or 4 reds, 2 for drinking now and 2 to lay in the cellar.

$14.99 single $28.99 for one red and one white $99.99 for 4 bottles

To sign up, click here to send us an email.


Unlimited Club

You decide what you would like, or let us decide! Would you like Grand Cru Burgundy every month? California Cult wines? How about a case of cider or sake every few weeks? Give us a budget and some parameters to shoot for and we will do the rest.

Some restrictions apply. Mkt/month

To sign up, click here to send us an email.


Rare Washington Club

With every release, you will get the following wines: Leonetti, Quilceda Creek, Woodward Canyon Old Vines, Doubleback, Reynvaan, Rotie, Bunchgrass, Andrew Will Ciel du Cheval, Sleight of Hand Archimage, Betz Syrahs, Corliss and Walla Walla Vintners Select. This club is currently sold out, but we do have some limited ‘provisional’ memberships available.

Please contact us for details.

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Washington’s New Classics Wine Club

With the ‘Rare Washington Wine Club’ all filled up now, we continue to be bombarded with calls for a new club, loaded with a bunch of the new wine stars in the state. We will set aside any amount you would like of each of the following wines upon release.
We bill your credit card as the wine arrives, and either ship the wine, or keep it in the store for pickup. All of these wines are released periodically throughout the year, but we will not hit you with more than two in a given month. You will get the following wines: Cadence, Fidelitas Optu,Sheridan L’Orage, Mark Ryan Dead Horse, Rulo Syrah, Gorman Evil Twin, JM Tre Fancuili, Woodinville Wine Cellars Indomitable, Ramseyer, Hightower Red Mountain
Reserve, Lawrelin Cabernet, Avennia Justine.


To sign up, click here to send us an email.