Oink! Is back and even better than before! 20% of the juice spent some time in barrel this one, with just layers and layers of deep berry fruit, a kiss of chocolate and a rich, plummy character. Mostly Cab Franc and Malbec, it is designed for BBQ (duh!), burgers, grilled steaks, peanut butter sandwiches, Doritos, pork rinds and just about any other picnic, pig roast or luau you could plan. As there is very limited oak, it will also take a light chill and make a wicked sangria or wine cooler. This was a huge hit last summer and the quality of the juice in this one really steps it up a notch. You will be floored by what is in this bottle and for &*^% and giggles, throw it in blind into a Washington Cabernet tasting. Really fun stuff here!

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