Holiday 2020 Newsletter

This has been a year unlike any other, and heading into the holiday season, we are approaching things unlike any other year. Due to COVID, we will unfortunately not be having our annual holiday sale and tasting, but we do have a bunch of great specials headed to your inbox on all sort of fun wines and spirits. Speaking of spirits, this is our first holiday season with Cognac, Rum, Vodka, Aquavit, Bourbon, Brandy and just about anything else you can think of. Dig through the web page, and as COVID allows, stop by the store to check them out in person.

We also have a whole array of wine and spirits clubs to give as gifts and have brought in some special glassware to pair up to make cocktail kits, special snifters to pair with the luscious spirits from Ferrand and Plantation, stocking size bottles etc. Whether you are looking for that special bottle to sip by the fire, to send to a loved one or that mixer for Glogg or punch, we pretty much have you covered.

Each year at our annual Holiday open house we normally feature a small handful of wineries and importers that bring outstanding wines to share as a way to ring in the holidays.  In lieu of charging a tasting fee, we have asked you to kindly donate money and non-perishable foods for our local food bank. Sadly this year there is no tasting or holiday open house, but the need for donations for local food banks will be greater than ever. Please consider selecting a specific dollar amount item from the web site during checkout to add to your shopping cart.  We will donate 100% of the money to our local food bank. Your donation will go a long way for those in need in a year unlike any other.  

Happy holidays,
Doug, Will, Laura, Sandy, Dena, Theodore and Julianne


Milton Park South Australia Chardonnay 2019 was $12.99, now $10.99

Finding full bodied Chardonnay, with structure, acid and some oak, without the sweetness often attributed to this price range is actually tough. However, we dipped into Australia to track this one down. Milton Park is the intro level to the famed wines of Thorn Clarke. It has apples, vanilla, a kiss of toasted coconut and pears, with a bit of zing in the finish. I don’t often suggest Chardonnay with turkey, but this one will actually work quite well. We only have 20 cases.

Return of the ‘Eagle Eater’ and his cousin ‘the Flight of the Condor’.

If you have been a customer here for a few years, you will have heard of the now legendary smack downs when we blind tasted the Woodinville Wine Cellars Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon head to head with the infamous ‘Screaming Eagle’ out of Napa. On three separate occasions, with three subsequent vintages, we blind tasted the Woodinville Reserve Cabernet head to head with three subsequent vintages of Screaming Eagle. Each time, the Woodinville wine won handily. It was no contest.
A few years ago, Woodinville Wine Cellars threw in the towel and Sean opened his own place, Sightglass Cellars. As part of his severance, he was able to take 4 barrels of Cabernet with him. In essence, this was to be the ‘Reserve’ Cabernet at his old gig, or as we would have called it ‘Eagle Eater Mk. IV’. This was released a few years ago, and was gone instantly. A similar thing has happened with the 2016 release and again, the 2017 again sold out in a flash. A true ‘cult wine’ was born.
 To kick off the holiday season, we now have the 2018 Sightglass Cabernet. No, we have not done a head to head with that famed Napa Cab, but for perspective, the current vintages of Screaming Eagle are between $2,500 and 5 grand a bottle, depending on where you buy it. The 2018 Sightglass Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon is $45.99. You do the math. 
90% of the tiny amount produced goes to the winery mailing list. If you are a member of our ‘Washington New Classics’ wine club, you have already gotten your allocation of this, and at a better price, so no worries if you miss out on this offering.
We have only a handful of cases of this stunning wine, so one needs to be really quick on this. As always, internet orders get filled first, then email responses in the order in which they come in.
In addition, this year we have the companion 2018 Cabernet Franc, which is always one of the best pure Cab Francs coming from this state. Normally, we don’t even have any of this to sell, but this year is, of course, weird as hell. We have not done any blind tastings with this yet either, so we just came up with a cute name for the heck of it. To add to the mystique of these wines, the Cabernet just got a ‘93’ from the Wine Enthusiast and the Cab Franc a ‘92’. Both were picked as ‘Editor’s Choice’ as well.

Sightglass Cellars Stillwater Creek Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 (WE 93) $45.99

Sightglass Cellars Stillwater Creek Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2018 (WE 92) $45.99

Moutard Grand Cuvee Brut Champagne NV $29.99

A real Champagne to kick off the holiday season at under 30 bucks. What more can you want! Classic Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier with notes of citrus, lemon curd and brioche for a really silly price. We ran this as our holiday Champagne a few years ago, and we sold a boat load. We were able to score the same price as before, which is unusual in this day in age, but we will hold this price through December, or until it runs out.


Porcupine Ridge Coastal Region Merlot 2014 was $13, now $8.99 or $89.99 per case

A perfect, all around red for your holiday feasts. We have featured these incredible bargains from Marc Kent before, but it is typically the Cabernet or Syrah. This time it is a delicious Merlot. Lots of chocolate, mint, coffee and red berry fruits. Soft tannins and a real crowd pleaser. We just brought in the last 35 cases of the vintage, so the price is even better than usual, especially by the box. When these 35 cases are gone, they are gone for good.


Marques de Caceres Cava Brut NV was $17.00, now $9.99

Looking for the perfect party bubbly, which you can mix with OJ, sip by itself, or spray all over the ceiling on New Year’s or Inauguration day? Look no further. This brilliant Spanish sparkler is bright and clean with notes of citrus and green apple, lively bubbles and a crisp and dry finish. At this price, load up the basement for all those upcoming festivities in the spring.


Five Lions ‘Symphony of Malt#1’ 23yr old blended malt Scotch, regular price$169.99, now $124.99

The world of Scotch is as full of mystery as there are varieties of heather in the Highlands. The world of the ‘independent bottler’ is a mystery in itself. Basically, these are well trusted buyers or brokers of Scotch, who distilleries allow to purchase full casks, to finish in their own style, and sell under their own name. Most of these folks hail from the U.K., but a few can be found in other places. Five Lions was one of these. Based in Germany, this group secured some of the finest and oldest casks in Scotland, worked their magic with them, then sold them, predominantly in Europe. A tiny amount made it to the U.S., but basically nobody had heard of them here, so they did not make much of a splash. In preparation of adding spirits to our portfolio, we got the opportunity to taste through them and were pretty much floored by the quality. The company ended up regrouping, so all the Scotch bearing the ‘Five Lions’ brand was to be closed out. We jumped on the opportunity, and are as giddy as school children with a new puppy as a result. We bought out the entire inventory on many of the whiskies, thus driving the price down even more. These may be some of the most profound values in Scotch in the market today.
 “Symphony of Malt” is a 23 yr old, blend aged in a 2nd fill Oloroso sherry cask, distilled in 1993. We don’t know which distillery actually made the spirit for this, other than that it is a blend of Speyside and Islands whiskies. There is some speculation that there may be some Arran in here, but it is only a guess. Deep golden mahogany in color, with caramel, toffee, dates, dried figs, heather and honey in the finish. A remarkable whisky, and an astounding value for a 23 year old Scotch. We bought the remaining stock in the country, so got a fantastic deal on it. At over 25% off, this is any Scotch lover’s dream dram. We have only 41 bottles.


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