Of all the Soy Turkiye Copper pieces hand made, the fish kettle takes the greatest care, patience and time.  Each kettle can take up to 3 days to build. The large fish kettles are tin lined, hand hammered heavy weight copper, with bronze, sand cast handles. Each large fish kettle comes with a tinned insert to support the fish during steaming.

Soy Turkiye Copper shellfish pots are designed specifically for steaming shellfish, with its matching, tight fitting lid that doubles as a shell bowl. Ideal for stove top to table use as well as oven to table use. The heavy weight lid on the Soy Turkiye Steamer is also suitable to use on its own as a service piece or 'sahan' due to its heavy weight design. In essence, you get two pans in one!

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Soy Copper Fish Kettle 25 cm
Soy Turkiye
Soy Copper Fish Kettle 25 cm

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